Miller - RT 500 Tig System

Technische gegevens

  • Amperage bereik maximum0 A
  • Amperage bereik minimum0 A
  • TIG =1 / MIG =21  
  • Materiaaldikte maximum0 mm
  • Materiaaldikte minimum0 mm

Hot Wire Tig Welding Machine with Heavy Duty Column & Boom

This RT 500 Tig System has been developed to weld various types of butt welds and weld external surfaces using Tig and Hot Wire Technique, (Maxstar 700 tig power / miller DX hot wire) The system uses a heavy duty column & boom supplied by A & N Plant for positioning with a Welding Alloys ltd computer controlled X & Y axis with manual angle rotation. The system has Red –D-Arc positioner with 30” faceplate 15” bore and three support steadies. Column & Boom / positioner / steadies are mounted and travel on 12 mt rails. Vertical travel = 2200 mm, Horizontal travel = 3000 mm Tig head travel = 500 mm (2010)

Please Note: This lot is located in Dunfermline, Scotland and is part of an Online Auction Sale ending on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at 3pm (UK Time)

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