Waldrich Coburg - Multitec 2500

Technische gegevens

  • Tafellengte6000 mm
  • Tafelbreedte2000 mm
  • Langs X7000 mm
  • Dwars Y3500 mm
  • Vertikaal Z1500 mm
  • Posities ATC232  
  • Afstand tussen de kolommen2500 mm
  • CNC MerkSiemens
  • CNC Model840 D

Make: Waldrich Coburg 
Type: Multitec 2500
Year: 2008
Control: Siemens 840-D

Travels and capacities:
Travels X: 7000 mm (Longitudinal of the table)
Travel Y: 3500 mm (Horizontal travel of the Ram)
Travel Z: 1500 mm (Travel of the Ram)
Travel W: 1500 mm (Travel of the cross-slide)
C-axis: 360°x0.001° (Programmable on the Ram spindle)
B-axis with NC universal head: +-95° 
Table Size: 6000 x 2000 mm
Distance between columns: 2500 mm
Distance between Tool holder and Table: 2500 mm (Working height)
Max. table load capacity: 15 Tonnes

Spindle power: 45 KW
Spindle speed: up to 5000 rpm
Spindle torque: 1250 NM
Ram size: 400 x 400 mm
Spindle taper: HSK 100A
ATC, tool changer: 232 places
AHC, automatic head changer: 8 places

X: 60000 mm/min, acc. 1m/s²
Y: 60000 mm/min, acc. 2m/s²
Z: 60000 mm/min, acc. 2m/s²
W: 6000 mm/min, acc. 1m/s²

Machine comes with following:
- chip conveyor
- 1x Horizontal head 125C/250
- 1x Horizontal head 125C/600
- 1x Vertical Head (standard): 125C/150
- 1x Vertical Head (Long): 125C/500
- 1x Vertical Head (Offset):  125C/500
- 1x NC Swivel Universal Head: USP 125C
- New table with T-slots 

Handelaar: SCANTOOL AB