Okuma - MacTurn 250 W

Technische gegevens

  • Draaidiameter650 mm
  • Draailengte1170 mm
  • Posities revolverkop12
  • Posities ATC80  
  • Aantal gestuurde assen9  
  • CNC MerkOkuma
  • CNC ModelOSP-U100L

Stock No.: 3512
Manuf.: Okuma , Type: MacTurn 250 W
Serial No.: 116197, Build: 2005


Max. Turning dia o/slide    630 mm dia.
Max. Turning diameter      650 mm dia.
Spindle bore                70 mm dia.
Turning Length              1170 mm
C Axis - Mainspindle Stroke 0,001 degree
Main Spindle speed Range    5000 rpm
Main motor power            22/15 kw
X  Axis Stroke              475 mm
Z Axis Stroke              1155 mm
Y axis                      +/-80 mm
W axis                      1180 mm
B axis Stroke              0,001 Degree
B axis spindrel rpm.        12000 rpm
B axis system              Capto-C6 
Z Axis Rapid movement      40 m/min
Lower turret                12-VDI Stations
Motorpower M spindle        VAC 7,7/5,5 Kw
Sub Spindle                 
C Axis – Sub spindle Stroke 0.001 degree
Sub Spindle Speeds          6000 pr/min
Motor Power Subspindle      22 Kw
Control system              OSP-U100L manuf.
Controlled in              9  axis
Working hours Spindle      13200 / 17300  Hours
ATC Tool magazine with      80 Stations

Unload device              Max part pcs. dia:70 x 250mm  
Chip conveyor.              Mayfran 
Coolant.                    Grundfos 
Tool setter                Manual 
Various toolposts.
Control Options            Extra M-Codes  -  M101 to M104 
Auto door
Cooling through spindle
Auto open / close chuck
Robot Interface

Length: 3900mm, Height: 3000mm, Width: 2550mm (3550mm), Weight: 12.500 kg

Handelaar: DENTOOL LTD