Agie Charmilles - CUT 2000

Dane techniczne

  • Przesuw wzdluzny X mm
  • Przesuw poprzeczny Y mm
  • Przesuw pionowy Z mm
  • Maksymalny prąd obróbki w amper A
  • CNC Marka
  • CNC Modelu

Operating hours: 14391
Technical data
Max. dimensions of work piece:
Length: 750 mm
Width: 550 mm
Height: 250 mm
Table load max.: 200 kg
Table load max. with bath: 450 kg
Longitudinal traverse (X-axis): 350 mm
Cross traverse (Y-axis): 250 mm
Vertical travel (Z axis): 256 mm
U/V axis travel: +/-70 mm
Positioning speed: 3 m/min
Taper-cut +/-: 30 °
Diameter of electrode wire:
from: 0.07 mm
up to: 0.3 mm
Forward feed for wire elctrode:
from: 60 mm/s
up to: 300 mm/s
Bore: 2 mm
Max. coil weigth: 25 kg
Contents: 700 l
Impulse capacity: 38 A
Voltage 50 Hz 3x: 400 Volt
Total power required: 9 kVA
Weight total installation approx.: 2800 kg
Overall dimensions machine:
Length: 2095 mm
Width: 1950 mm
Height: 2247 mm
Various accessories:
3 D Measuring feeler gauge
Automatic wire treading
Wire cutter
Electronic hand held remote control
Surface roughness Ra: 0.1 µm


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