• ProducentTLM
  • Typ / ModelRP6
  • ID Numer12099
  • Rok produkcji1996
  • Witryna internetowaRP6

Dane techniczne

  • Power0 t
  • Srednica max.40 mm
  • Srednica min.5 mm
  • CNC MarkaNo CNC
  • CNC Modelux

One Used 6mm TLM Model RP6 High Speed Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine with Model SM1 Integrated Pointing Unit, S/N 199/96 Built 1996

2.5mm - 6mm Screw Diameter Range Capacity
2.2mm-4.8mm Self Tapping Screws Diameter 
2.7mm-4mm Wood Screws Diameter 
5mm - 40mm Thread Length Capacity
38mm Thread Length for Pointed Screws
90mm Under Head Shank Length for Partial Thread 
220-630 Pieces Per Minute

Total Power: 10 HP
Weight: 2100 Kg Approx.
Machine Dimensions with Total Anti Noise Cap : ca.1470 x 2490 H.1690mm
Standard Flat Die Size 85 x 95 x 25 H.42mm

*Approximate Values:
The machine speed can change according to the material to the material used and the type of item to be rolled.

Standard Features:
Feeding by means of Conical Vibratory Unit in Stainless Steel 
Speed Variation by Inverter
Brake and Clutch unit for set up 
Forced Central Lubrication by Electro Pump
Cooling System with Tank and Electro Pump
Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Exit Conveyor
Sound Enclosure

Automatic Pointing Machine for Screws and Bolts Model SM1 to be combined with a Thread Rolling Machine :

3mm-6mm Blanks Diameter 
12mm-60mm Under Head Shank Length 
300 Output Pieces per Minute 
Total Power 6HP
Machine Dimensions: 1500 x 850 x 1600 mm
Gross Weight: 2500 Kg about 
ISO 30 Cone Spindle 

Located European Warehouse 


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