Fellows - 70-15

  • MerkFellows
  • Type/Model70-15
  • Voorraad nummer23037
  • Bouwjaar1973
  • Website70-15

Technische gegevens

  • Diameter0 mm
  • Module0 mm
  • Axiale slag0 mm
  • CNC MerkNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

Model 70-15 Fellows heavy duty vertical gear shaping machine , suitable for
the manufacture of external straight spur gears up to 70" pitch diameter, as
well as internal spur gears and splines within a range of 0" to 88" pitch
diameter, regardless of shaper-cutter radius. This unique feature, combined
with the machines 15" face-width capacity and 1.7DP cutting capability in
steel, provide a formidable platform for producing a wide range of larger
geared part members.
* Machine Main Base With Work-table, Upper Column,
  Cutter Ram and Slide of "Super Robust" Construction
* Machine with "Saddle Backoff" Method of Cutter Relieving
* Cutter Spindle 6.25" diameter w/Standard Straight Spur Guide
* Cutter Positioning via Stroke Jog-Button
* Rapid Rotation of Work Spindle for Trueing Work-Piece
* Rapid Saddle Traverse for Traversing Saddle Relative to Work
* Automatic Depth Feed Mechanism for One to Four Cuts, With 4 Speed Motor
  Providing Speed Change on Finishing Cut
* Assorted Work and Feed Change Gears
* Assorted Stroke Change Gears
* 2" Riser Plate
* Main Drive Motor 15HP, 650/220 rpm, 240 Volt 60Hz w/Westinghouse Rectifier
  Unit for AC
* Power Forced Lubrication to Working Elements with "Lubriquip Lub Controller"
* Coolant Tank, Pump, and Piping, With Chip Pan
* Full Complement of Electrics
* Assorted Guards, Covers
* 84" T-Slotted Table
* Hydraulic System
* Work Lamp
* Work Platform
* Cutter Adaptor
* Manuals
Max. Diameter External Gear Cut (Nominal): 70"
Max. Diameter Internal Gear Cut (Nominal): 88"
Max. Diameter Workpiece Accommodated: 104"
Worktable Diameter: 84"
Max. Permissible Weight of Workpiece & Fixture: 36,000 Lbs.
Max. Distance Workspindle Centerline to Centerline of Cutter Spindle: 35"
Min. Distance Workspindle Centerline to Centerline of Cutter Spindle: 0"
Max. Work & Fixture Clearance Height w/Cutter Spindle in Upper Position: 28"
Max. Diametral Pitch (full length teeth): 2 DP
Max. Diametral Pitch (stub teeth): .75 DP
Max. Diameter Pitch (30P.A. splines): 2-5/5 DP
Diameter of Cutter Spindle: 6.25"
Max. Stroke Length: 19.118"
Max. Face-Width (nominal): 15"
Stroking Speeds (infinitely variable): 5 to 122 S.P.M.
Max. Infeed of Cutter Ram: .0020 inch/min.
Min. Infeed of Cutter Ram: .0005 inch/min.
Max. Rotary Feed Per Stroke (per 1" of cutter diameter): .0068"/Min.
Min. Rotary Feed Per Stroke (per 1" of cutter diameter): .0006"/Min.
Approximate Machine Dimensions: 192"L x 144"W x 150"H
Approximate Machine Weight: 95,000 Lbs