Dunkes - HR 63 TR 25 HRW 25

  • MarqueDunkes
  • ModèleHR 63 TR 25 HRW 25
  • Numéro d'inventaire734635
  • Année de construction1990

Données techniques

  • Capacité0 t
  • Longueur de la tôle0 mm
  • Largeur de la tôle0 mm
  • Largeur max. du materiel0 mm

Hydraulic Straightening System for Flat material and Section Material
With Straightening Press ( C-Frame ) Model HR 63/TR 25/ HRW 25
Year 1990 ( H 89-1960 )

Consisting of:
Straightening C-Frame Press, Model HR 63, Pressure 63 to, Stroke of
Piston 160 mm, Straightening speed up/down 25/75 mm/s, Daylight 550 mm,
Distance to column 620 mm, sensitive Straightening stroke via handlever with
turret-stop, Measuring device for accurate straitening via a lightbar
Horizontal Straightening Device Model HRW 25, Pressure 25 tons attached on
right hand side of vertical Press, straightening stroke 160 mm, straightening speed fwd/bwd
57/10 mm/s, designed as Pressbow which moves in both directions against a
straightening tool to avoid the turnovers of workpiece during straightening
process, 4 tool posts front and backside/left and right with a distance of
600 mm, Handlever for stroke movement.
Torsion straightening device for twisting the section material up to a power
of 25.000 Nm,
Resistance Moment 69.000 mm³, twisting force max. 320 N/mm², workpiece
glamping 320 kN,
mounted on left hand side of Press as a integrated unit. The left handed
slide can be moved approx.. 3000 mm and is equipped as the clamping station
for the workpieces and the right handed unit is for clamping and twisting
hydraulically this workpiece up to 35 ° Display to see the torsion on a
lightbar.For the crossmovement/loading of workpiece is a roller chain
Straightening Bed for placing and for moving the workpiece towards to the
straightening devices,
consisting of conveyor roller tables left and right on the press with each
approx. 3000 mm length,rollers can be lifted pneumatically for easier
transportation. Between the two beds is a working gap for the vertical
straightening cylinder with two adjustable counter steadies with
exchangeables jaws. Mechanical measuring device to check tension of
workpiece built on presstable.
The 3 Straightening positions are electrically separated, so only one
position can be used on a time. Various pressing tools in different shapes
and lengths available. Also a roller support for straighten cylindrical
shafts or tubes up to 1.800 mm length to place it on the a.m. straightening

Oil tank capacity for hydraulic oil approx. 500 liters

Total electrical load approx. 22 kW - 400 V - 50 cycles
Weight approx. 14,5 to,
Outside dimension: 7,5 x 2,5 x 2,9 m height

Condition : good to very good – can be soon inspected under power.
Delivery : ex stock – as inspected here in stock
Payment : net – after completion of contract

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