Almi - AL1 2U

  • MarqueAlmi
  • ModèleAL1 2U
  • Numéro d'inventaire2964
  • Année de construction0

Données techniques

  • Pression0 t
  • X - axe0 mm
  • Y - axe0 mm
  • Epaisseur de la tôle 0,00 mm
  • Nombre d'outils ATC0  
  • CNC MarqueNo CNC
  • CNC Modèlex

The motor driven AL 1-2U can be used to notch pipes with an external diameter of 27.9 mm 26.9 mm (3/4"), 33.7 mm (1"), 42.4 mm (1 ¼"), 48.3 mm (1 ½") and 60.3 mm (2") and notch pipes with an external diameter of 22 mm to 76 mm for sink outflows. Do you often have to notch pipes? If so, the motor-driven AL1-2U equipped with a 2.2 kW electric motor is the ideal solution! The motor forms one unit with the special eccentric shaft that drives the notching tool. The motor is also equipped with an on/off switch with a zero voltage protection and guard. All the benefits in a nutshell: high productivity, low investments, simple and rapid operation, a number of diameters are readily available, ideal for double corner joints.   tube diameter: 3/4", 1", 1¼", 1½", 2" outer diameter for sink outflow: 22 - 76 mm max. wall thickness: 5 mm weight: 93 kg

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