Profi Press - Broaching Press 15 ton

  • ПроизводительProfi Press
  • МодельBroaching Press 15 ton
  • Инвентарный номерBPP2000
  • Год выпуска2019
  • ВебсайтBroaching Press 15 ton

Технические данные

  • Усилие15 t
  • Ход ползуна 600 mm
  • Количество протягивающего инструмента0  
  • ЧПУ МаркаNo CNC
  • ЧПУ Модельx

The hydraulic broaching press from Profi Press is exclusively made in the Netherlands and suitable for precision machining tasks. It can be used for linear broaching and almost any metallic alloy can be broached with this type of Profi Press. Directly available from stock.

The hydraulic unit is equipped with a joystick for moving the piston up / down,  a pressure control valve and a speed control valve. The press contains an integrated manometer and the height of the working table can be adjusted easily by means of the motor.

We can deliver several accessories to make your broach work easier, for example, a set of V-blocks, a little material tray for the table or a collection tray for the broach or between the feet of the press for the waste.

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Дилер: RHTC BV

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