_Unknown / Other - BP C 4020

Technical details

  • Pressure atmospheric maximum0 bar
  • X - axis0 mm
  • Y - axis0 mm
  • Sheet thickness0,00 mm
  • Number cutting heads0  
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

: 200 mm
: 150 mm
: 120 mm
: 100 mm
: 150 mm
: 4000 mm
: 2000 mm
: 200 mm
: 4100 bar
The TCI Cutting BP-C 4020-1 machine includes the following elements: • Structure of the machine that includes the cutting table and a bridge with a cutting head for   abrasive and pure water cutting. • Complete numeric control unit TCICNC 4.0, installed in a high-quality control cabinet with a   new generation multi touch screen. • Automatic abrasive feeder with 200L capacity. TCI ABRALINE 1.0 • Automatic abrasive quantity regulator, independent for each cutting head, controlled from the   design software. TCI ABRASIVE 3.0 • Abrasive backstop system TCI CUT CONTROL 3.0 • High pressure pump KMT of 50 HP SL-VI · 4100 bar · 1L with:    - Hydraulic pump of variable flow and compensated pressure    - High / low pressure selection that allows piercing    - Electrical inversion of the cutting head    - Noise level below 80dB    - Leakage detection in de high-pressure circuit    - Long lasting high pressure seals    - System to uninstall de piston without uninstalling the cylinder    - Air / oil heat exchanger • Installation of high pressure tubes • Human machine interface TCI SMARTTOUCH V6.0 • Communication system to communicate between the machine and TCI • CAD/CAM software and Postprocessor • Machine safety system. Declaration of conformity and CE marking The cutting system XY • A frame built with structural steel profiles, for a working range of 4000mm in the x axix • Water tank with material supports and water level regulation, constructed from stainless steel   sheets. • An axis with a guided system on a bridge independent from the cutting table (X axis) consisting   of a set of high precision skates and guides. This system provides a reliable linear transport,   ensures a high rigidity, a minimum of frictional resistance and a high load capacity. The   entire assembly is driven by a rack system / Precision reducer, which guarantees maximum   performance, which is connected to a brushless AC motor. • The transverse linear axis (Y axis) mounted on the linear axis X uses the same system   described in the previous point. • A nozzle support head (Z axis) is provided with a vertical guide system. Includes automatic   adjustment of cutting height. • One long lasting nozzle, with orifice and pneumatic jet control valve. • Control panel integrated in the control cabinet to manage the machine. • Pushbuttons for autimatic operation with emergency stop. Max. material thickness: Steel: 200 mm Stainless Steel: 150 mm Aluminium: 120 mm Glass: 100 mm PVC: 150 mm Number of cutting heads: 1 Effective cutting range x axis: 4.000 mm Effective cutting range y axis: 2.000 mm Z axis travel: 200 mm Max. simultaneous positioning speed: 85 m/min Max. cutting speed: 20 m/min Machine tolerance according to VDI/DGQ 3441: +/- 0,05 mm/m Repeatability precision: +/- 0,025 mm/m Tank volume: 8 m3 Maximum supported weight for the workpiece: 790 kg/m2 High pressure pump nominal power: 37 kW / 50 HP High pressure pumpb maximum working pressure: 4.100 bar Maximum flow: 4.1 l/min

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