Metronor - DCS Dual Camera System

  • BrandMetronor
  • Type/ModelDCS Dual Camera System
  • Stock Number392829
  • Year2000

Technical details

  • Table length0 mm
  • Table width0 mm
  • Movement (X) axe0 mm
  • Movement (Y) axe0 mm
  • Movement (Z) axe0 mm

table length: 0 mm
table width: 0 mm
daylight: mm
total power requirement: kW
weight of the machine ca: t
This mobile system is based on two CCD cameras with high resolution, which record the manual probing of an object, and on the basis of the known geometry of the lightpen (a measuring probe equipped with light emitting diodes) 3D nodes are automatically assessed and evaluated.

Typical uses are for the geometrical examination of devices, adjustment of pressing and stamping tools, mating and adjustment of components, and measuring large, immobile objects (large tools, ship or aircraft parts, etc.) with measuring volume of up to 1,000 m³ and accuracy 0.07 + L/50000<0.15.

The system consists of:
2 pieces CCD Photogrammetry Cameras, Model 1.4iL, field of vision 38°x32° (#2001 & 95120).
2 pieces Tripods, 161 MK 2 B with swivelling and tilting camera holder.
Lightpen CLP 5500 N, length 500 mm, 5 diodes (#10460).
Lightpen CLP 5900 N, length 900 mm, 5 diodes (#10370), elongated version for probing low lying measuring points.
Radio connection WLP 0 (#002403) for wireless use of the lightpens.
High precision Reference Stick, length 800 mm (#20370).
Various measuring probes.
Mobile system wagon for holding the system components.

PC work station with measuring software METRONOR 3.5.1. NT with following applications:
Geometry Module for measuring geometrical objects (points, distances, circles, slots, cylinders, surfaces, spheres, corners, intersections, projection points, etc.) using available measuring cycles.
CAD Module for measuring deviation from the nearest point between object (actual) and CAD model (reference) for points, curves, surfaces, circles, cylinders, etc. (Import of CAD data in VDA-FS / IGES / DISP formats.)
Best Fit Transformation for estimating whether the deviation from the CAD model results from displacement of the surface or from a faulty contour (PLP multiple primary location point is also possible).
LED Module for deformation measuring (deviation from reference position), identification of position and orientation of an object in relation to a reference coordinate system (6 degrees of freedom and LKS transformation).
Other features: SCS operation (only 1 camera), temperature compensation, wireless use of lightpens, printer for measuring results, complete management of CAD and measuring data and log records.

Condition : Very good. The price of a new measuring system is around EUR 125,000.--.
Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.

Thank you for your interest. We have a good selection of measuring machines available on stock.

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