Machine tools for the oil and gas industry

Professionals from the oil and gas industry know how important it is to have machine tools that can handle stainless steel and various alloys. In order to deliver affordable machine tools for the oil and gas industry, offers a wide range of previously-owned machine tools suitable for the oil and gas industry.

These machines are suited for the metallurgy and oil and gas industry. Whether you’re looking for heavy multi-axis lathes or ordinary ones: at you will find a full range of machine tools at an affordable price.

Short delivery times

Because the machines can be bought directly from the dealer, the delivery times are reduced significantly. And as the machines are already assembled, they can be shipped nearly instantly. This makes the solution not only very affordable, but also reduces delivery times.

Are you still looking for machine tools for the oil and gas industry that can turn, mill, drill, saw, bend, or flex stainless steel and various alloys? You will find a wide range of machining equipment at

Machine tools at an affordable price

At, EAMTM members offer used machines that still work smoothly and can be delivered speedily. You receive first-class machines and first-clas service at a second-hand price.

Customers who buy from benefit from the guarantee that all sellers are members of the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM). This means that your seller endorses the EAMTM code of conduct which ensures correct execution of every transaction.

When you buy machines at, you buy with confidence. 

Here you can find some machine tools for the oil- and gasindustry.