Machine tools for the medical industry

The medical world makes progress every day. The development of medical implants has therefore boomed enormously. Medical implants must of course comply with strict quality requirements, and in order to produce implants that pass each and every quality test, special machine tools are indispensable.

Implants such as knee and hip prostheses must not only be manufactured using high-grade material, but must also be produced in such a way that does not cause harm. This is precision work, where the added value of solid machine tools is immediately obvious. offers a range of machine tools that do exactly this. These are used tools that are offered by EAMTM members. This has a number of advantages for the buyer. Not only are you in direct contact with the seller and are delivery times much shorter, the price of a used machine is also a lot lower – a not unimportant detail.

Medical technology also lists other machine tools aimed at the medical industry. Dental implants that must be produced with high precision and high-grade alloys and materials, greatly benefit from specialized tools.

High-quality machine tools are necessary to produce implants with precision. The final result: implants with a long lifespan, in which complications almost never occur.

About was launched by the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM). The website allows merchants to sell used machine tools. offers machine tools aimed at the medical industry as well as a range of other industries.

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