Machine tools for the automotive industry

Machine tools and the automotive industry are inextricably linked. No industry depends as much on machine tools as the car industry. It should come as no surprise that a vast range of machine tools is aimed specifically at the automotive industry. Bargains on such tools can be found at

Perhaps you are looking for a machine tool suitable for bodywork construction, or to produce engines. Whether it is for the construction of essential components or merely accessories, at you will find a wide range of suitable machine tools.

From personal car to lorry

From the production of wheel rims to safety equipment or comfort elements: nearly each component of a car requires a specific machine tool. Whether you’re producing a lorry or a bus, it won’t work without this tool.

At, our EAMTM members offer various machine tools. These are used tools that have become redundant but are still fully operational.

Take for example the range of crank and cam grinders that are available at The offer is diverse, including such brands as Landis, NN, Junker and Matra.
The price is a lot cheaper, as can be expected from used material, but without compromising quality.

Another advantage you get when ordering from is that you will work with suppliers who have the product in stock. This keeps the delivery time much shorter, and you will be in direct contact with the seller.

View the full range of crank and cam grinders at