Machine tools for shipbuilding

The ancient Egyptians discovered that it was possible to assemble water-proof wooden constructions to build ships. Ever since, ships have been an essential part of our world and it has developed considerably throughout history. To this day, the maritime industry plays an extremely important role in the global economy.

Producing a large propeller that can sail the seven seas is an example of exceptional engineering, for which high-grade machine tools are indispensable. You can find these at

Shipbuilding machinery

At EAMTM, we offer a range of shipbuilding machines. As the machines are previously used but still perfectly functional, the price is a lot lower. At the same time, buyers are in direct contact with the owner, which ensures a rapid transaction.

For this purpose, EAMTM built a specialized website,, where you can find various machine tools suitable for the maritime industry.

Shipbuilding presses

For example, several sellers have hydraulic presses on offer. These can be used to press under hydrostatic pressure. Registered EAMTM members are selling their hydraulic presses

Have a look at this page and discover our wide range of suppliers. Various presses are available, including such brands as Hugh Smith, Bakker, Van de Graaf and Pullmax.

Production of propellers and propeller blades

The production of propellers and propeller blades, too, requires particular tools. At EAMTM, various machines for the production of propellers and propeller blades are on offer. These machines have been used before, which makes them a lot more affordable.

Over 20,000 used machines

Various machines are for sale at Exclusively EAMTM members offer a vast range of used machine tools. The website features sellers from all over the world. You can choose whether you want machines from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany or France, among others.

Whether it’s for the maritime industry, sheet metal working machines or fully-equipped companies, at you can find it all.