Machine tools at low prices

Production engineers looking for a wide range of metalworking other machinery used in the manufacturing industry, can now find what they need at This website sells used machine tools with short delivery times and at very affordable prices.

Machine tools at low prices offers a complete range of used machine tools. The advantage of buying used tools is that they are available at lower prices, reducing the investment cost without compromising the quality of the tools.
Furthermore, the machines are already assembled, reducing the delivery times significantly. 

The European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM) has launched as a platform to deliver various production tools. These machine tools will be delivered by EAMTM members, meaning that you buy straight from the merchant.

Short delivery times for machine tools

Its wide gamut of tools includes machinery satisfying the needs of every branch in the manufacturing industry. Whether we’re talking pneumatic actuators, oil and gas, automotive, aviation, shipbuilding: has an exceptionally large selection of used tools that can be delivered at a low price.

Besides the low price, buying used equipment has one more significant advantage. Because you can talk directly to the merchant, the machine tools can be delivered rapidly. This makes the machines not only affordable, but also available at your workplace at short notice.

Wide selection of machine tools

The EAMTM members offer a wide range of machinery on The website allows customers to contact merchants directly, enabling them to order sound equipment at short notice and at the best possible price.

In addition, all members of the EAMTM endorse a code of conduct, ensuring proper transactions with the customer. Affordable and quickly delivered? Visit