Amphenol - Quantum G Typu HVF 60/60/100- 12.0IQP

Technical details

  • Power0 kW
  • Frequency0 Hz
  • Capacity0 t

Vacuum furnace for tempering and hardening steel - model Quantum G, Type HVF 60/60/100- 12.01QP, with gas cooling at a pressure of 12 BAR, prepared for NITRO-TOOL nitriding and PIRO-CARB vacuum carburizing technology, together with the necessary equipment.

The hardening and tempering furnace is used for heat treatment of high-alloy tool steels and carbon steels. This is a device that allows you to significantly increase the service life of tools. A vacuum tempering and hardening furnace is needed to fully utilize the technological capabilities of the Anca tool sharpener. Increasing the service life of steel tools several times will significantly reduce the plant's operating costs.

Pump system
Mechanical vacuum pumps 1 x 300 m3/h
roots 1x 1200 m3/h
Gas heating and cooling system
Gas distribution in the heating chamber 360 degrees around the load
posterior wall of the ventricle and outlet arc
Heating system
graphite heating element on the circumference of the charge

Control, measurement and control equipment
Type of thermocouples Type S - 2 pcs.
Piezoelectric pressure sensor - 2 pcs
PTR-280 Pfeiffer vacuum head - 2 pcs
Logic controller with PP520 15” BR panel - 1 pc
UDC-1200 safety regulator
PP520 B&R-1 programmer - Automation Studio operator panel manufactured by B&R
4.7” E&H liquid crystal recorder – 1 pc
Power of heating elements 150 kW
Electric controller Heating Thyristor controller
Blower motor power 160 kW, 3000 rpm
Soft start 1 regulation of blower speed and frequency converters
cooling system 80 m3/h
emergency pump 10 m3/h

Performance parameters.
Standard insert dimensions WxHxL 600x600x900 to 1000 [mm]
Gross load weight 600 kg gross
Maximum operating temperature in vacuum 1300 degrees C

Operating temperature
maximum operating temperature 1300 degrees C
convection heating up to 3bar abs up to 750 degrees C
heating in a vacuum up to 1300 degrees C
Temperature uniformity in the chamber: +/- 6 degrees Celsius
convection heating in the range of 150 - 750 degrees C
in vacuum in the range of 550 - 1,300 degrees C
Maximum vacuum
The furnace is clean, empty and preheated. Range 10-2mbar
Maximum vacuum
The furnace is clean, empty, preheated and cold. Range up to 5x10-2mbar
Maximum cooling pressure up to 12 bar abs
Pumping speed
Oven clean, empty, preheated and cold. Range up to 10-2mbar - 35 min
The furnace is clean, heated, empty and cold 10-3mbar x l/s
Technological processes Hardening and tempering of steel / Convection heating
Dispersion of hardness after quenching and
tempering 63 =0.5 HRC for SW7M steel in the form of a bar with a cross-section of 25x25 L=250 [mm]

Additional options Heat treatment in active atmospheres for carburizing
carbonitriding and other diffusion atmospheres

Dealer: EXAPRO

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