Trumpf - Trumabend V3200

Technical details

  • Capacity320 t
  • Folding length4420 mm
  • CNC BrandTrumabend
  • CNC ModelTASC 6000

4 Hydraulic cilinders 2 + 2 Left and Right
Lazer safe safety system
Hydraulic clamping
Electro hydraulic down stroking 
Backgauge 4-axes system
Rack and pinion drive for X and R Axes
Bending help T1 and T2 on front machine
Availebel after summer 2023

Max. bending length:        4420mm
Distance between column:    3680mm
Max. pressing force:        320T
Dis. Beam - Table:          735mm
Beam stroke:                445mm
Table Width:                200mm
Troth beam:                 420mm
Approch speed:              220mm/min.
Working speed:              10mm/min.
Return speed:               220mm/min.
Adjustment X-Axis back gauge:860mm
Number of controlled axis:  X, R, T1, T2
Crowning:                   Yes
Hydraulic toolclamping:     Wila New standard
Power:                      30kW
Length:                     5300mm
Width:                      1950mm
Height:                     3200mm
Weight:                     22800kg


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