Klingelnberg - PFSU 1600 HP

  • BrandKlingelnberg
  • Type/ModelPFSU 1600 HP
  • Stock Number09135
  • Year0

Technical details

  • Diameter0 mm
  • Face width0 mm
  • Length maximum0 mm
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

max wheel diameter: 1600 mm
gear width: 250 mm
max module: 20
min module: 15
base circle dia - max: 1450 mm
base circle dia - min: 150 mm
specimen weight from/to: 4000 kg
feeler adjustment movement - parallel: 1400 mm
maxhelical angle: 0 - 90 °
wheel diameter with counterstay: 1000 mm
feeler adjustment movement - parallel: 800 mm
centre height: 1150 mm
electrics - voltage/frequency: 400 / 50 V/Hz
dimensions of the machine ca: 28 x 24 x 23 m
total power requirement: 2 kW
weight of the machine ca: 3 t
Universal Involute and Helix Testing Machine - modernized 1995

Machine is suitable for measuring all individual tooth data on straight and helical spur gears, and shaping and
shaving cutters. Following tooth data can be tested: Tooth flanks, Involute base circle dia. and pressure angle;
Profile corrections; Helix angles and leads; Lines of contact; Surface roughness; Concentricity of teeth; Tooth to tooth pitch error; Tooth thickness and tooth width over several teeth, Lots of other measuring possibilities.
Accesories / Special Features:
+ Optical setting of base circle and optical angle settings without the use of base circle plates
+ Heavy workpieces can be tested on the machine. Motor-driven testing process, or manual control using
hand wheels.
+ Auxiliary rotary table, dia. 480 mm, for mounting larger gears, with 2 sets of extending supports
400 and 470 mm long
+ Counter bracket Model AV 17 with maximum mounting length of 1150 mm
+ Separate electric cabinet for controlling manual movements, in conjunction with...
+ GFM Computer, Model ZMP 20 e with software for automatic dressing of gears,for the production of modern measuring printouts with graphics. The graphics are also displayed on a monitor. Various sub-programs and HP printer
+ Varous probe inserts and small parts, as well as a height adjustable holder for an indexing device, mounted
on the back of the machine (but without the indexing device) Levelling feet

in very good working condition - Machine can be inspected under power - Serial-Number B 2281

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