Erfurt - SU 200 x 800mm Universal Grinder

  • BrandErfurt
  • Type/ModelSU 200 x 800mm Universal Grinder
  • Stock NumberAG22

Technical details

  • Grinding diameter200 mm
  • Grinding length800 mm
  • Workpiece weight75 kg
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

Erfurt SU 200 x 800mm Universal Grinder

With Internal Spindle 
3 Jaw chuck and collet chuck
Various steadies, dressing attachment and guards
X10 wheels and arbours
Under power and excellent condition!

Full Specification - 
Swing - 200mm
Centre Height - 110mm
Length ground - 800mm
Max weight of work - 75kg
Max weight of work when performing chuck work - 20kg

Speed of table in the case of traverse grinding - 0, 05-6m min
Min table traverse in the case of traverse grinding - 4mm
Period of dwell at the reversing points - 0-5sec
Reversing accuracy - 0,1mm
Table traverse per revolution of the handwheel, fine 4.9mm, coarse 26.5mm
Swivelling range of top table 

Revolution of workpiece 36-420 rpm
Swivelling range towards grinding wheel - 90 Degree
Swivelling range away from grinding wheel - 10 Degree

Max. infeed distance 75mm
Additional adjustment between the stops 120mm
Quick adjustment, hydraulically 40mm

The following values refer to the diameter
Fine infeed by means of inching lever 0,005mm
Amount o infeed per handwheel revolution 2mm
One graduation line of the hand wheel corresponds to 0,01mm
Infeed per stroke of table 0,005-0,06mm
Infeed travel, automatic
without compensation device 1,7mm
with compensation device 0,96mm

Driving power of motors
wheel drive (external grinding) 5.5 kW 
Wheel drive (internal grinding) 1.5kW
Drive of hydraulic pump 1.5kW
Drive of workpiece 0.6kW
Drive of coolant pump 0.13kW
Drive of automatic magneto operator 0.18kW
Max. connected load of the machine B.7kW

Space Occupied 
Length 4050mm
Width 1500mm
Height 2200mm
Weight 4600kg


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