Hoffmann - HSF 150 SE K

  • BrandHoffmann
  • Type/ModelHSF 150 SE K
  • Stock Number18616
  • Year2014

Technical details

  • Capacity (x)0
  • Type of Cooling material0  

liter capacity: 300 l/min
feed pressure: 20 35 bar
coolant capacity: 3000 l
Control: Siemens Simatic
total power requirement: 63 kW
weight of the machine ca: 21 t
dimensions of the machine ca: 44 x 23 x 22 m
Suction belt filters HSF SE with consumable-free plastic endless belt are
used for filtration and temperature control of cooling lubricant during
grinding with high demands on surface accuracy. Due to its high filter
fineness, the HOFFMANN suction belt filter is used, among other things, on
machine tools for grinding. (Gear grinding machines,
profile grinding machines, external and internal cylindrical grinding machines).
- Consumable-free filtration with endless filter belt
- Continuous cooling lubricant supply to your grinding machine without downtimes
- High degree of filtration without the use of filter aids at maximum
throughput rate
- Suitable for CBN and corundum grinding processes
- high degree of drying of the filter cake with minimum residual moisture
- small footprint due to compact design and low superstructures

-- connection for 4 machines
-- Siemens Simatic Panel Touch
-- Siemens Sentron PAC 3200
-- Filter capacity 300 l/min (oil - emulison approx. 450 l/min)
-- Clean tank 3000 ltr
-- 2 machine supply pumps a 46 l/min, 35 bar
-- 2 machine supply pumps a 61 l/min, 20 bar
-- cooler for grinding oil and spindle cooling ERK-V-W
-- level control dirt tank
-- 1 stainless steel floor pan

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