Heatmasters - AF 1050

Technical details

  • (1) Gas (2) Fuel (3) Electric2  
  • Temperature maximum1050 C°
  • Capacity (kg)5000 kg

Connection 3 x 250 Amp
Power 200 KW
Driven loading cart with 5000 Kg capacity
Temperatur 50 - 1050 Gr Celsius
Heater heatmasters 2 chanells with 12 elements (AF3.25 wire)
Control HM-1000
Controller HM-Rigel Version 2.2b (T)
Insulation ceramic wood / fibre 200 mm
For Stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, heat treament


INDUSTRIAL FURNACES  ;Furnaces are used in many industries to produce a wide range of products under demanding requirements.  this extensive design and manufacturing capability in thermal processing equipment is the solution for your high temperature furnace requirements.  with wide assortment of furnaces, including Continuous, Batch, Car Bottom, Solution Heat Treat and Atmosphere.  Every high temperature application is unique and HeatTek uses it experience, research and development capabilities  to insure the furnace we supply will perform to your  Car Bottom Furnace anneals and stress relieves titanium loads up to 20,000 lbs.  The chamber is 14’ wide x 14’  long x 9’ high.  Operating range 50 °Celsius to 1050 Celsius °Gr with a uniformity of +/- 10 ° Gr. 
Build for Industries: Automotive Aerospace Aluminum Composites Heat Treat Gas/Oil Foundry Coating/Finishing Plastics


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