_Unknown / Other - XL-100M

Technical details

  • Turning diameter mm
  • Turning length mm
  • Turret positions
  • Positions ATC  
  • Number controlled axis  
  • CNC Brand
  • CNC Model

Control: Fanuc 0i-TD
Operating hours: 50
Technical data
Max. turning diameter: 180 mm
Maximum turning length: 180 mm
Turret carriage:
Longitudinal travel (Z-axis): 280 mm
Transversal strocke (X axis): 120 mm
Rapid traverse X: 12 m/min
Rapid traverse Y: 18 m/min
Number of axis simultaneous: 3
Turret slide:
Number of positions: 12
Fixed tools turret: 6
Driven tools turret: 6
Spindle speeds: 4000 rpm
Tool shank cross section: 20X20 mm
Spindle nose: VDI: 25
Indexing time: 1.5 sec
Main spindle:
to spindle nose: A 2-5
Internal spindle diameter: 35 mm
Inner taper type: B32
Spindle speeds:
up to: 6000 rpm
Spindle power: 11 / 7.5 kW
Tail stock travel: 220 mm
Tailstock travel of barrel: 85 mm
Taper in tailstock:
Morse taper: 3 MT
Spindle diameter: 56 mm
Voltage 50 Hz 3x: 400 Volt
Total power required: 18 kVA
Machine's weight about: 2300 kg
Overall dimensions machine:
Length: 1480 mm
Width: 1360 mm
Height: 1730 mm
Various accessories:
Tailstocks CNC
Spindle blow out
High pression colant device
Internal coolant supply (cts): 60 bar
Refrigerating device for cooling device
Oil mist extractor
Parts catcher
Workpiece conveyor
Chip conveyor
Foot pedal
Tool measuring device: MARPOS
fire extinctor
Automatic sliding door
Status light


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