Gildemeister - GMX 250S linear

  • BrandGildemeister
  • Type/ModelGMX 250S linear
  • Stock Number032850
  • Year2008

Technical details

  • Turning diameter0 mm
  • Turning length0 mm
  • Turret positions0
  • Positions ATC0  
  • Number controlled axis0  
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

turning diameter: 520 mm
turning length: 1175 mm
control: Heidenhain Plus iT
total power requirement: kW
weight of the machine ca: t
dimensions of the machine ca: m
CNC control Heidenhain Plus iT with TurnPlus
main spindle: 3-jaw chuck diameter 260mm
sub spindle: 3-jaw chuck diameter 260mm
milling spindle up (Capto C6) B-axis
12-fold revolver below with driven tools
2x C-axis
tool magazine with 36 places
chip conveyor
coolant device

Technische Daten / technical details:
Umlaufdurchmesser / rotary diameter 640 mm
max. Drehdurchmesser / max. turning diameter 520 mm
Drehlänge / turning lenght 1175 mm
max. Abstand zw. Spindelnasen / max. distance between spindle noses 1500
Planweg X1 / X2 / cross way X1 / X2 550 / 180 mm
Längsweg Z1 / Z2 / longitudinal way Z1 / Z2 1185 / 1050 mm
Weg Y-Achse / travel Y-axis +-90 mm
Schwenkbereich B-Achse / swivel range B-axis 240 °
Spindeldurchlass / spindle hole 65 mm
Drehzahl Hauptspindel / spindle speed main spindle 5000 UpM /rpm
Drehzahl Gegenspindel / spindle speed sub spindle 5000 UpM /rpm
Drehzahl Frässpindel /speed of milling spindle 12000 UpM /rpm
Werkzeugrevolver unten / turret head below 12 fach /holes
Werkzeugmagazin / tool magazine 36 fach /holes
Eilgang oben X1,Z1 / rapid feed up X1,Z1 40, 70 m/min
Eilgang unten X2,Z2 / rapid feed below X2,Z2 24, 36 m/min.
Antriebsleistung je Spindel (40/100%ED) / drive capacity each spindle 21/28
Gesamtleistungsbedarf / complete drive capacity 75 kW
Gewicht der Maschine ca. / weight ca. 15000 kg
Technische Daten, Zubehör und Beschreibung der Maschine sind unverbindlich -
Technical data, accessories and description of the machine are not binding.

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