Klingelnberg - BF 204

Technical details

  • Diameter0 mm
  • Module0 mm
  • Axial travel0 mm
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

max wheel diameter: 180 mm
gear width: 60 mm
max module: 8 / 10
min module: 15
tooth length: max 16 mm
no of teeth: Segment 6
no of teeth: Vollrundung 6-30
pivoting angle: 0 - 10 °
inserted tooth milling cutter dia: 600 mm
cutting speed: Frässpindel 48-78 m/min
root circle dia min: 50 mm
electrics - voltage/frequency: 380 / 50 V/Hz
total power requirement: 16 kW
weight of the machine ca: 76 t
Segmental Gear Generating Machine - specifically for rational production of
tapered or cylindrical segmental gears, such as steering sector shafts.
This model also operates to the generating-indexing method and permits tooth
thickness modifications on the centre Tooth.

with chip conveyor and handbooks
ex works South Americ

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