Mazak - INTEGREX e-1060V/8

Technical details

  • Longitudinal X1875 mm
  • Cross Y1060 mm
  • Vertical Z1345 mm
  • Positions ATC160  
  • CNC BrandMazatrol
  • CNC ModelPC-FUSION 640M 5X E-Tower

Capacity: ø1250x1250 mm
Year of construction: 2003 
Year of rebuild: new milling spindle 2015 
Working hours: 22000 
   WORKING CAPACITY   Longitudinal (x): 1875 mm
   Vertical (z): 1345 mm
   Cross (y): 1060 mm
   Table rotation (b): continuos positioning with resolution 0,001 °
   Head tilting (a): 150 [-30/+120° res. 0,0001°] °
   Swing capacity: ø1250x1250 mm
   CNC   Cnc: Mazatrol PC-FUSION 640M 5X E-Tower 
   Notes: PERFORMANCE CNC OPTIONAL 1 *STD PACKAGE THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Mazak Tapping/Boring Tornado (EIA/ISO) EIA/ISO Code Input Mill-Spindle Synchronized Tapping (W/O Tool) Additional EIA/ISO Functions -Spiral Interpolation (EIA) -Pattern Rotation (EIA) -3D Cutter Compensation (EIA) -Geometric Command (EIA) -Scaling (EIA) -External Data Input/Output (EIA) Mazacc 2D High Speed Software Additional Variables (Total 600 Pairs) Inverse Time Feed G37. Automatic Tool Length Measurement x (Software for EIA use of Tool Measurement does not include tool length measurer) Sequence Number Comparison Stop Function Thread Cutting Function (G33) Additional Workpiece Coordinate System (G54.1) G00 Slope Constant 
   SPINDLE   Spindle power: (1 Min/30 Min/Cont) 45/37/30 Kw
   Gearbox: 2 gamme 
   Rotating speed: 35-10.000 Rpm
   Torque: 460 Nm
   Taper: ISO50 BIG PLUS 
   Internal coolant: si Bar
   FEEDS   Rapid x: 40 m/min
   Rapid y: 40 m/min
   Rapid z: 40 m/min
   Rapid b: 18 m/min
   Rapid c: 30 m/min
   B: 0-500 Rpm
   TABLE   Floorspace (lxwxh): 800x800 mm
   Capacity: 2200 Kg
   Accuracy (b axis): 0,001 °
   AUTO PALLET CHANGER (APC)   Pallet number: 10 
   Pallet surface: 800x800 mm
   Capacity: 2200 Kg
   ATC   Positions: 160 
   Max tool diameter: 135 mm
   Max diam with free adiacent space: 262 mm
   Max tool lenght: 500 mm
   Max tool weight: 30 Kg
   Tool taper: ISO50 BIG PLUS 
   Tool changing time: (T/T) 1.8 sec.

Total power supply: (30 Min/Cont) 108/99 Kw
Machine total weight: 38000 (escluso cambio pallet esterno) Kg
Floor space: 5320x8242x4400 (12828x11915x4400 with Palletech mm
Tooling included: list available upon request 
High pressure: si 
Filtration unit: si 
Workpiece touch probe: Renishaw RMP10 
Tool presetter: si 
Mantainance & use books: Si 
Electrical drawings: Si 
Ce certification: Si 
Housing: integrale 
Mist extractor: si 
Relevant updates made on the machine: new milling spindle 10/2015 


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