Deckel-Maho - DMU 125P

  • BrandDeckel-Maho
  • Type/ModelDMU 125P
  • Stock Number053685
  • Year1999

Technical details

  • Longitudinal X0 mm
  • Cross Y0 mm
  • Vertical Z0 mm
  • Positions ATC0  
  • CNC BrandNo CNC
  • CNC Modelx

x-travel: 1250 mm
y-travel: 880 mm
z-travel: 800 mm
total power requirement: kW
weight of the machine ca: t
dimensions of the machine ca: m
CNC control Heidenhain TNC 430
controlled NC-swivel head B-axis
NC-rotary table C-axis
electronical handwheel
automatic tool changer for 30 tools
coolant through spindle device (IKZ)
chip conveyor
coolant device

Technische Daten / technical details:
X-Weg / X-travel 1250 mm
Y-Weg / Y-travel 880 mm
Z-Weg / Z-travel 800 mm
C-Achse Rundtisch / C-axis rotary table 360 x 0,001 °
Spindelaufnahme / spindle taper SK 40
Drehzahlbereich Spindel / spindle speed 12000 Upm /rpm
Vorschub / infeed 20-10000 mm/min
Eilgang / rapid feed 24 m/min
Rundtischdurchmesser / rotary table diameter 1000 mm
Antriebsleistung Spindel 100%/40%ED / drive capacity spindle 100%/40%ED
10/15 kW
Gewicht der Maschine ca. / weight 14000 Kg
Technische Daten, Zubehör und Beschreibung der Maschine sind unverbindlich -
Technical data, accessories and description of the machine are not binding.

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