Profi Press - 300 ton MH-MC-2 D=1750

Technische Details

  • Kapazität300 t
  • Stosslänge480 mm
  • Abstand zwischen Ständer1750 mm
  • Einbauhöhe710 mm
  • Tischlänge650 mm
  • Tischbreite1750 mm
  • CNC MarkeNo CNC
  • CNC Modellx

Our Profi Press 300 ton motorised H-frame press is a heavy-duty hydraulic press with a working width of 1750 mm for handling large materials.

This workshop press is provided with a movable cylinder (horizontally, with a manual system), an in-height adjustable work table (vertically, by means of the motor), a valve for regulating the work pressure and a selector to selecting one of the two cylinder speeds. Operating the press is simple by means of a foot pedal or hand remote controller (you can choose between one of them). 

Made in the Netherlands with only high quality components.

Händler: RHTC BV