Profi Press - 15 ton HF-2

Technische Details

  • Kapazität15 t
  • Abstand zwischen Ständer560 mm
  • Stosslänge160 mm
  • Einbauhöhe1015 mm
  • CNC MarkeNo CNC
  • CNC Modellx

Proif Press manual workshop presses can be used professionally for assembley or straighteninng work. They are also excellent for testing workpieces. Profi Press workshop presses are robust and built to last . The casing is made of carefully welded quality steel sections. The hydraulic system is excellent for precision work. The height of the work table is easy to adjust.
In Short: every professional workshop should have a Profi Press

-    hand and foot operated
-    including pressure manometer and chrome piston
-    fixed cylinder
-    automatic piston return
-    user manual
-    delivery straight from stock in the Netherlands
-    Delivery in accordance with CE standard
-    set of V-blocks
-    manometer integraded

Händler: RHTC BV