Profi Press - PPTL-300

Technische Details

  • Kapazität300 t
  • Tischlänge4000 mm
  • Tischbreite2545 mm
  • Stosslänge450 mm
  • CNC MarkeNo CNC
  • CNC Modellx

This 300 ton portal press has a motorised movable cylinder and a motorised movable bridging frame (longitudinal): the longitudinal displacement of the portal is carried out by a motor with frequency inverter and a cogged belt to ensure precise and sensitive slides.

Equipped with a double acting cylinder and the cylinder stroke is easy to regulate with the end-stroke switches. Operation by means of a pendant control station with push-buttons to choose between slow or fast approach - and return speed. Control panel consists of manometer, pressure
regulator and a work mode selector (manual or semi-automatic). 

A high quality portal press, made in Europe.

Technical specifications:

Force [tn]: 300

Motor power [kw]: 7.5

Working speed [mm/sec]: 2

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 9.9

Return speed [mm/sec]: 14.7

Vertical light [mm]: 700

Working height [mm]: 750

Total length [mm]: 4280

Total width [mm]: 3660

Total height [mm]: 3120

Weight [kg]: 13400

 Optional accessories: milling lower flat table (4000 x 2540 x 95 mm), small cylinders fitted in the lower table to lift pieces (each 2 ton power), connected to a second hydraulic group, additional extension for the cylinder or larger tables

Händler: RHTC BV