Profi Press - PPTL-100

Technische Details

  • Kapazität100 t
  • Tischlänge1740 mm
  • Tischbreite996 mm
  • Stosslänge380 mm
  • CNC MarkeNo CNC
  • CNC Modellx

The Profi Press portal press has a pressure force of 100 ton and we produce this press exclusively in the Netherlands. It has a manually movable frame and cylinder, so you can easily work with large and heavy materials.

Thanks to the movable portal, the operator of this press can place the material with a crane onto the table and slide the portal and the cylinder over the material afterwards. When the operator finishes the pressing task, the portal can be moved away and the material can be lifted / moved with a crane (or forklift) again.  This design results in multiple purposes for this press and it can be used in many different industries for many different materials.

This hydraulic straightening press is equipped with a pressure regulation, 2 different cylinder speeds, a joystick and a hand pump. It is directly available from our stock in the Netherlands.  

Händler: RHTC BV