Profi Press - PPRM-100

Technische Details

  • Kapazität100 t
  • Tischlänge700 mm
  • Tischbreite500 mm
  • Stosslänge250 mm
  • CNC MarkeNo CNC
  • CNC Modellx

Our 100 ton hydraulic production press is suitable for stamping, die-cuttingand forming and can be incorporated in automated production lines. Made in Europe, with solely high quality components.

The Profi Press production presses are equipped with a mechanized upper- and lower table with T-grooves. Four cylindrical, lateral guides are installed to ensure perfect alignment in the vertical movement of the upper table. Adjustments to the position of the upper table (piston stroke) and changes in speed are controlled from a side control panel.

The control panel features a selector for manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation and a selector for the two different cylinder speeds
(fast approach speed and slow working speed). It also contains a pressure switch and manometer. Operation of these PPRM-models is carried out by a foot pedal.

The production presses are equipped with level IV light guards situated at the front of the press, two fixed lateral protection panels and protection
panels (which can be opened) with a magnetic detector disconnection switch situated at the rear.

Händler: RHTC BV