Profi Press - Custom-made Rubberpad Forming Press

Technische Details

  • Kapazität2000 t
  • Tischlänge550 mm
  • Tischbreite550 mm
  • Stosslänge250 mm
  • CNC MarkeSiemens
  • CNC Modellx

Rubber pad forming is suitable for a product range with many different shapes made in small production series. Our rubberpresses aredeep-drawing hydraulic presses that use rubber to form sheet material around a mold.

RHTC produces rubberpad forming presses designed to your specific requirements, 100% tailor-made. We fully designed this press in cooperation with our customer. If you are not completely sure about the specifications that you require for a rubber press, give us a call or fill in the contact-form on our website! We can definitely give you some advice.

Our 2000 ton rubber press has a large,  rigid structure to withstand great strengths. It is equipped with a tooling shuttle / mobile horizontal table (moved by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders). The rubberpad forming press has a main, simple effect cylinder located at the bottom of the machine. It is an upstroke hydraulic press.In the top part of the press there is a block with a forming cavity, for the rubber blocks to perform the pressing. We manufactured this 2000 ton rubber press with four ejector cylinders, located at the top of the machine to eject the rubber blocks.


Pressure force [tn]: 2000

Motor power [kW]: 15 + 1,5

Working speed [mm/sec]: 0,7 – 1,8

Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 34

Returning speed [mm/sec]: 50

Maximum pressure [bar]: 340

Piston stroke [mm]: 250

Forming cavity [mm]: Ø 552

Table- / working height [mm]: 2300 (there is a platform placed around the machine)

Total length (lateral) [mm]: 3300

Total width (frontal) [mm]: 2550

Total height [mm]: 4200

Weight [kg]: 44000

Händler: RHTC BV