Gleason - 108 Hypoid Generator

Technische Details

  • Durchmesser0 mm
  • Modul634 mm
  • Axialer Hub0 mm
  • CNC Marke_Unknown / Other
  • CNC Modellx


Serial number:656213

Diametral Pitch:6,34 mod.

Cone distance maximum:133 mm

Workhead angle:-12-90 deg.

Min ratio pinions for to operate w forma:2 to 1

Max ratio pitch dia 30deg spiral angle:

10 to 1 ratio 216 mm2 to 1 ratio:190 mm

1to 1 ratio:152 mm

No of teeths:5-97 & most nr. up to 175 pcs

Cutter diameters:89, 150 & 190 mm

Feeds:22,5-115,3 m/min

Manufacturing year:1969

Complete rebuilt:2000Length:1600 mm

Width:2200 mm

Height:2400 mm

Weight:7800 kg

OTHER/ACCESSORIESAutomatic high speed machine for Spiral bevel, Zerol bevel & Hypoid gears.

Totaly rebuilt in 2000

Händler: NORIMA AB